• 27 Mar

    Gourmet Italian Food Showcased within Fiat's Luxury Showroom

    The Avenue des Champs-Elysées is the location for a myriad of flashy and luxurious brands displaying their wares in enticing ways. The MotorVillage, located at 2 Rond Pont des Champs-Elysées offers the opportunity to witness such a display, as the Fiat brand shows off its most impressive vehicles in a unique and visually pleasing space.

    Foodies will be pleased to hear that there is plenty for them to enjoy at the MotorVillage as well. In fact, since March 20, 2014 the MotorVillage has been offering a range of gourmet Italian products in a kitchen space that has been specially conceived for the establishment. The concept kitchen will be on display until March 31, 2014, and the gourmet Italian food shop will be open all of 2014.

    Fiat has teamed up with Cuisine Plus, a high-end kitchenware supplier in France, to create the space. It was constructed as a hommage to the Italian car, as the cooking space recalls the dashboard of a car, with a rond table in the middle in the shape of a steering wheel. In addition to offering delicious culinary products, the space also allows visitors to discover the art of serving as well as the beauty of Italian design.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can easily visit the MotorVillage located very close to their rooms. From serving ware from the likes of Alessi to products imported straight from Italy, a range of authentic goods can be found there until the end of the year. Regions such as Tuscany, Venice, Lombardy, Calabria and Sicily are all represented. Oil olives, pastas and Limoncello are just a few of the items that visitors can pick up.

    In this way, a visit to the MotorVillage enables visitors to grab a few souvenirs from Italy without ever having to leave the City of Light!