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Foodography by Martin PARR

Beaugrenelle Paris has always tried to place itself above the more typical shopping malls and create a more cultural experience. This is a place to shop, dine and enjoy some great aesthetics. The new Foodographie exhibition within the centre brings these elements even closer together. As shoppers ride the escalators and walk the floors between stores and cafes, they are greeted with large, bold photographic images of food.  These bold prints are the work of British photographer Martin Parr. The … ...

Egon Schiele : A Must-see Exhibition at FLV Paris

Egon Schiele

When it comes to the masters of expressionism in the early 20th century, there are a few names that would immediately come to mind. The same is true when we consider the leading artists of Vienna from the period. However, the name Egon Schiele isn’t as well known with the general public. Klimt is the household name of this Viennese period. People are drawn to his use of gold and striking period pieces. In fact, there was a popular digital exhibition on his work in Paris this year. Back then, art… ...

The Open Air Cinema Festival in Parc de la Villette Paris

La Villette Paris, Open Air Festival

The Open Air Cinema Festival in Parc de la Villette is always a wonderful chance for friends and family to enjoy some free films in the park. The films screened are as eclectic as ever, with movies from different genres and countries. There are French classics, Hollywood Blockbusters, Disney favourites and other oddities thrown into the mix. It all has an underlying musical theme. You can come and sing along to the Bare Necessities, watch the heartbreaking story of Joy Division or geek out with … ...

Magical Unicorns at Musee de Cluny Paris

Magical Unicorns

The Lady and the Unicorn is one of the most famous tapestries to come out of France. This extraordinary piece of work actually comprises or 6 pieces that tell a beautiful story. Artists from all disciplines have been inspired by this piece in some way – from Le Corbusier to Cocteau. The unicorn is one of the stars of this piece of work and with good reason. It shows that even though modern representations of the creatures' form have changed, the symbolism stays true to ideals of an innocent, pur… ...

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