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Photographer Monty Knowles and His Other-Worldly Nymphs

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A trained and experienced architect, Monty Knowles knows a thing or two about how to bring spatial elements together in harmony. Furthermore, his life as a traveler and culture vulture has given him a unique vision of beauty that shines through as he crafts a career in photography. The artist's nymph-themed work combines both visual art and photography as Knowles uses body paint on models to create sublime visions that come from another world. Once painted, the models are then photographed by K… ...

Emperor Augustus Transforms Roman Art at the Grand Palais

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It takes a venue as immense and elegant as the Grand Palais to do justice to the legendary Roman emperor Augustus, who ruled from 27 BC until 14 AD. His leadership transformed Rome into an extravagant empire known for its sophistication and beauty. Therefore, with an exhibition entitled 'Moi, Auguste, Empereur de Rome,' the Grand Palais will illustrate the impact of the emperor's reign on the world of art and architecture at the time. Augustus engaged the greatest artists in order to create a b… ...

The Paris MAM Offers a Retrospective of an Abstract Visionary

modern art paris, contemporary art paris, mam paris, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Lucio Fontana paris

Visitors to the City of Light may be pleased to find out that, in addition to the famous Centre Pompidou, Paris has another modern art museum, and this one is run exclusively by the City of Paris. The museum, named the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (The Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris) is also known as the MAM, and it is located in on the Avenue du Président Wilson. That means guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées have easy access to the museum and can take … ...

Land of Departure: An Exhibit Exploring the Human Psyche

palais de tokyo, contemporary art paris, modern art paris, Angelika Markul, video art paris

'Land of Departure' is an intriguing new exhibition by contemporary artist Angelika Markul. The Paris-based artist has been working to craft her vision for more than a decade, and she uses her talents to call out the darkness and light of human nature. 'Land of Departure' further explores this theme at the Palais de Tokyo from now until May 12, 2014. Using video, in-room installations as well as sculptures, Markul investigates the boundary between the calm and the storm within the human psyche. … ...

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